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what is the difference between /etc/profile and .profile commands?

what is the difference between /etc/profile and .profile commands.ave we have found two major file required in linux boot process, but what is the exact difference between both of them.


Posted by chandu on December 5th 2017 13:10 PM

The shell first runs the command to set up your environment in the /etc/environments fie and then evaluate the commands contained in the /etc/profile file.After these files are run, the system then checks to see if you have a .profile file in your home directory. If the .profile file exists, the system runs this file.The .profile file will specify if an environment file also exists.If the environment file exists(usually named .env) the system then runs this file and sets up your environment variables. /etc/profile: The operating system uses at login time is the /etc/profile. The /etc/profile file controls system wide default variables they are: - Export variables - Umask - Terminal types - Mail messages to indicate when new mail has arrived The system administrator configures the /etc/profile file for all users on the system, the system administrator can only change this files. The /etc/profile file gets executed whenever a bash login shell is entered(e.g when logging in from the console or over ssh), as well as by the display manager when the desktop session loads. The following example is a typical /etc/profile:

#Set file creation mask
umask 022
#Tell me when new mail arrives
#Add my /bin directory to the shell search sequence
#Set terminal type
#Make some environment variables global

Posted by chandu on December 5th 2017 13:24 PM

.profile: The .profile file is present in your home directory and lets you customize you individual working environment because the .profile file is hidden, use the ls -a command to list it. After login program adds the LOGNAME(login name) and HOME(login directory) variables to the environment, the commands in the $HOME/.profile file are executed if the file is present. The .profile file contains you individual profile the overrides the variables set in the /etc/profile file.The .profile is often used to set exported environment variables and terminal modes. You can customize by modifying the profile file use the .profile file to control the following defaults - shells to open - prompt appearance - keyboard sounds The following example is a typical .profile file:

export PATH epath

Posted by anonymous on October 18th 2019 10:16 AM

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