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What is The Expression Language(EL) in JSP?

Explain in detail what is The Expression Language(EL) in JSP? Explain purpose of Expression language in JSP along with the syntax. Also provide suitable example or coding snippet for the same.


Posted by Nikheel Bhasmare on November 2nd 2017 10:11 AM

Expression Language(EL) was added to JSP 2.0 specification. It's purpose is to produce scriptless JSP pages. EL simplifies the accessibility of data which is stored in the Java Bean component and other objects as session, request, etc. It contains many implicit objects, operators and reserve words. It also has arithmetic, relational and logical operators. Synatx of Expression Language(EL): ${ expression } Here 'expression' is a valid EL expression. An expression can be mixed with static values/texts and can also be combined with other expressions to form larger expressions. There are three ways to set a tag attribute value: 1. With a single expression: <some:tag value="${expr}"/> The expression is evaluated and the result is converted to the attribute's expected type. 2. With one or more expressions separated by text: <some:tag value="some${expr}${expr}text${expr}"/> The expressions are evaluated from left to right. Each expression is converted to a String and then concatenated with any text. The resulting String is then converted to the attribute's expected type. 3. With text only: <some:tag value="sometext"/> In this case, the attribute's String value is converted to the attribute's expected type. e.g. Take a look at code. In this code index.jsp will be accepting input from user like name and with POST method that name will be sent to homepage.jsp after clicking on submit.


<form method="POST" action="homepage.jsp">
Name <input type="text" name="user" >
input type="submit" value="Submit">


title>Home Page</title>
h1>Welcome ${}</h1>    <!--Data from name field will appear here-->

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