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What are the docker Network Drivers.

Please describe built in network drivers.


Posted by Rohit Arora on February 4th 2018 13:35 PM

Docker network driver defines behavior on each host beside connectivity and routing to them. some of the most useful network driver details are below. Bridge: bridge is default docker network created while installation on stand-alone docker hosts. bridge consist of a private network that is internal to the host system to communicate and all traffic coming from and going to the container flows over the bridge to the Docker daemon, which handles routing on behalf of the container. Moreover in this type external access is granted by port exposure of the container services or static routes added with the hosts as gateway for that network. None: provides no networking access at all. Containers operating on this driver can be access on the host they are running on. Overlay: Default mode of Swarm communications, Allows communications among all docker daemons that may have replicas running on any number of workers in the swarm, regardless of their origination or destination. You can attach a service to one or more existing overlay networks to enable service-to-service communication. Ingress: Special overlay network does load balance network traffic amongest a given service's working nodes. It does maintain a list of all IP addresses from nodes that participate in that services(Using the IPVS module) and when a request comes in, routes to one of them for the indicated them provides the routing mesh that allows services to be exposed to the external network without having a replica running on every node in the swarm. The ingress network is created automatically when you initialize or join a swarm. Docker Gateway Bridge: Special bridge network that allows overlay network (including ingress) access to an individual docker daemon's physical network. Every container run within a service is connected to the local Docker daemon's host network s docker_gwbridge automatically creatd when Swarm is initialized or joined. You don't need to configuration customization, but Docker allows you to do so.

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