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error: failed to push some refs to 'root@git-master:

We are getting below error while trying to push changes to remote repo after. Can someone please assist over this.


Posted by rocky on April 5th 2018 21:54 PM

Following configuration can be applied either on .git/config file or global config file /etc/gitconfig on the repo server. This will allow you to push with branch warning. Such patterns to "deploy" code is not advisable if you make changes in the working copy that you're pushing to, however, this can be the best approach for faster code deployment. After Git push, run checkout command on remote machine to reflect the changes in the working copy of the remote machine. # git checkout -f

cat /etc/gitconfig

denyCurrentBranch false


# git checkout -f

Posted by Robert on April 5th 2018 21:55 PM

can can also use change the repository while it's a working copy.

git config receive.denyCurrentBranch ignore
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