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What are the port to be opened to install docker UCP

Can someone please provide us list of port and another mandatory requirement to install docker UCP.


Posted by Rohit Arora on February 6th 2018 20:29 PM

Port Details listed below. 443 or the ‘–controller-port’ 2376, 2377 or the ‘–swarm-port’ 12376, 12379, 12380, 12381, 12382, 12383, 12384, 12385, 12386, 12387 4789 (udp) for overlay networking 7946 (tcp/udp) for overlay networking Minimum requirements 4 vCPUs for manager nodes or nodes running DTR 16GB of RAM for manager nodes or nodes running DTR 4GB of RAM for worker nodes 25-100GB of free disk space Time Synchronization Time synchronization is important to maintain consistency between the engines in a UCP swarm, all engines should regularly synchronize time with a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server.

Posted by Rahul Verma on February 6th 2018 20:41 PM

Though docker UCP can be installed with below command.

docker container run --rm -it --name ucp -/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock docker/ucp:2.2.4 install --host-address --interactive
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