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How to run docker container with different logging driver

Currently our docker has been configured with SYSLOG logging, could you please suggest to change into json for one container.


Posted by Alex on February 1st 2018 20:55 PM

Please use below docker command to use different logging driver other than Docker daemon’s configuration file while running the container.

# docker container run -d --name spring --log-driver json-file httpd

# docker logs spring

# docker inspect spring | grep json

# tail -f /var/lib/docker/containers/3b437e37bf20bbef7364878920bbae7d3e651c046d18dcd4f6a686a4f1784f7e/3b437e37bf20bbef7364878920bbae7d3e651c046d18dcd4f6a686a4f1784f7e-json.log

Replied by Alex on February 1st 2018 20:57 PM

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