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What are the GST rates on commissions?

The current GST rate on the commission is 18%. There is no doubt that the GST is compulsory for all commission agents in India. Exceptions to the GST for the sale of sales are modified on the website. According to the GST laws, commissions may apply for sale or sale or sale of goods delivered or delivered from customers or suppliers.

For any customer service offered on behalf of the client. Buying goods and services applies to commissions. The GST calculator can be used to calculate the commission. Being a commission’s agent is GST. Must be registered below. What is your turnover for this? The thing to note here is that you can get ITC for expenses.

GST on the commission is 18%. However, the commission received by the commissioning agency for sale or purchase of the Agricultural Products Sales Board or Board or Agricultural Products.

Services provided by the Commissioner for Sales or Purchasing of Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) or Agricultural Products.

Constant changes to the GST constant changes. There are many changes in the rate and you have to keep up with the correct material and the perfect harmony changes. When a rate changes a notification, you will be prompted to let you know what and when. Without notice, you do not have those details. Unfortunately, since the notification date is managed, changes are sometimes issued or published by changes in performance.

There has been hype around these rates and now these rates are finally in the public domain. We already know that the GST records are 5%, 12%, 18%. And 28%. According to the latest news from the GST council, the tax structure for goods.

All those AC hotels which serve liquor, IT and Telecom services and financial services along with branded garments will be part of this tax slab. In particularly there are no slabs in GST Registration but there is a threshold limit in GST i.e the turnover upto which you need not pay or collect gst from clients. The threshold limit is Rs 20 lakhs in some states and Rs 10 lakhs in some recognised states like north eastern states.



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